At a meeting of the Board of the Old Mines Area Historical Society on Sunday, July 19th, 2020 the difficult decision was made to cancel the Annual Fete de la Automne.

The Fete is traditionally held on the first Sunday in October each year, and has been for the past 40 plus.

The Board for the Society had a long discussion on the situation and the pending health issues, the timing for deciding and trying to let folks know and the implications that the cancellation might bring.

President of the Society, Cindy Merx said, “I’d like to cry. I understand, we all do, it’s just hard to have to give up on something that is a big part of our lives each year.”

The Society wanted to make the decision early to allow ‘word to get out’ and notice to be given to those who usually plan to attend.

It is a regrettable outcome that goes along with so many other celebrations and traditional gatherings that have gone by the wayside this year.

One of the points of the discussion was the age of a lot of the attendees and a lot of the volunteers that help make the day a success. “We’ve got a wide range of people, and a big part are older patrons and volunteers. We just don’t want to risk anyone’s health this year,” said Merx.

While the Fete is the main fund raising event for the Society, the drawings will still go on and tickets will be out in a mailing soon. The drawing is set for the Fete date of Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2020. The prizes this year are being presented a bit differently as expenses will change with not buying food stuffs and paying for entertainment. The prizes will be $1000 cash for a First Prize; 2nd Prize will be a Yehti cooler filled with area wines and the 3rd Prize will be a Life Membership to the Old Mines Area Historical Society (valued at $250). Please watch for details in upcoming weeks.

Everyone is welcome to visit the OMAHS website and Facebook page, as well as watching ‘The I-J’ for more information.