PHS Tojan Football Public Information For Friday Night's Game Against the Farmington Knights

Potosi will play against Farmington on Friday, September 4th, 2020. Farmington administration has shared information with Potosi R-3 about parking and visitor location for viewing the game. The information is as follows:


    •    Bus will be met by John Bacon.  After unloading the players, the bus(ses) will be directed to parking area.

    •    The team will use our Freshmen Football Locker room.  Door #17.

    •    Gator will be available to transport large team equipment to field.

    •    Water is available at the field – sideline, 50 yd line, on visitor side

    •    Visitor bench is on the East side (nearest the school building).  

    •    Visitors' warm up on South end of the field (scoreboard end).

    •    Visitors will be in the East side Pressbox (nearest the school building)

    •    Visitors' bleachers are on the East side (nearest the school building)

6:00    Gates open for admission – Children $2.00, Adults $3.00, 60 and over are free

6:55    Coin Toss

7:00    Kickoff


    •    We have a concession stand and restrooms on both sides of the field.  The visitor side is the side closest to the school.  Students can only sit on their side of the field and we ask that students not congregate behind the bleachers or on the track.  As much as possible we request that fans for each school stay on their own side of the field.

    •    We will not be limiting attendance at the game, masks and social distancing are strongly recommended.

    •    Visiting fans will have access to "standing areas" along the track at each end of their bleachers.