During the Spring Meeting in April Officers were elected. Bills were paid and suggestions were reviewed for the reunion in 2019. The following officers were re-elected: Kris Richards, President; Mary Ann DeGonia, Vice President and Brenda West Secretary/Treasurer.

The Officers are asking all alumni to make an effort to attend the 25th Annual All School Reunion which will be held the weekend of July 20th and 21st, 2019.

The get together will open with an afternoon Tea and Dinner Saturday  evening and close with a Lite Breakfast Sunday morning. This is a time to renew acquaintances and make new “old” friends. Please make your plans now to attend and bring a fellow alumni.

Remember you  didn’t just go to school with your classmates, but probably had friends in other classes.

2019 Brochures have been mailed to the current list of Alumni. If your address has changed, if you want your name added to the list or if you have names and addresses of former classmates please send to Brenda West, 108 Church Lane, Potosi, Mo. 63664.

The Alumni have set up a new email address to be used for the reunion =  potosiallschoolreunion@gmail.com

The Annual Reunion provides a nice relaxed atmosphere and offers a wide variety of opportunities to visit.

The Alumni Reunion is for everyone. The way it works is when you come, make sure you tell some old friends and classmates ahead of time. The Officers want to encourage the “younger classes” to take advantage of the weekend. Several classes have held their own reunions on the same weekend and worked  it out to be able to attend both.

The R-3 School District has been a wonderful host for the Alumni Reunions. The “Old High School” and the “Current High School” will not be open this year for touring as construction projects may be underway.

The school passed a bond issue and have several projects in the works with some already starting.

The weekend has a little something for everyone.

Saturday, July 20th - Afternoon Tea at 3 P.M. in the P.H.S. Round Building, Dinner 6 P.M. P.H.S. Round Building; Evening Social 8:30-10:30 P.M. ‘Time to Visit’  a great chance to catch up with old friends!!

Sunday, July 21st - Warm Breakfast 7:30 to 10 A.M. at the Round Building. Fresh fruits, donuts, biscuits & gravy & scrambled eggs with coffee or juice. All for just $20 per person again this year.

A lot of time and effort go toward the planning, but that’s some of the fun. The weekend is yours, and for the small fee, the committee feels it is well worth the time and money! Please mark your calendar and come visit. You’ll be  glad you did.

To date Potosi High School has graduated 11,268 students.

Reservation is $20 per person,and covers the Reunion Tea, Dinner, Evening Social and Lite Breakfast. Make check payable to P.H.S. Alumni Assoc., c/o Brenda West, 108 ChurchLane, Potosi, Mo., 63664. Early registration greatly appreciated to assist with planning for the food. Deadline is July 17th, 2019.

If you prefer please contact us by email at potosiallschoolreunion@gmail.com