The Washington County Clerk ended filings on Tuesday, March 31st at the Courthouse for individuals seeking election for the various office seats that will be decided first for the candidates in the Primary Election on Tuesday, Aug. 4th and then in the General Election that will be held Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 2020.

The Primary Election held on Tuesday, Aug. 4th is a called party election that requires the voter to ask for a particular ballot - Republican, Democrat, Constitution, Libertarian, Green or non-partisan.

The offices for Washington County open for election in 2020 include 1st District Commissioner with Doug Short filing for re-election to the office on the Republican ballot;

2nd District Commissioner Republican Cody Brinley has filed for re-election with Kirk McElrath and Rick Drennen filing on the Republican ticket and Democrat candidate Ron Vance also filing;

Sheriff has current Sheriff Zach Jacobsen filing for re-election on the opening day of filing on the Republican ballot as well as William Dickey who filed on Monday, March 30th, also on the Republican ticket;

Assessor saw Democrat incumbent Debbie Summers file as well as new candidate on the Republican ballot Heather Eckhoff;

Public Administrator had Beverly Boyer file for re-election on opening day on the Republican ballot and Judy Gilliam filed Thursday, March 5th on the Republican ballot as well;

Coroner had Steve Hatfield file for the office on the Republican ticket;

Surveyor candidate is Tim Daugherty filing for re-election on the Democrat ticket;

A 2 year unexpired term for Circuit Clerk is open with Ashley Gum, who now serves in the position after being appointed by the Governor, filing for election as a Republican. This election is to fill the unexpired term left by Patti Boyer’s retirement.

Also, Township Committeman and Committeewoman will be elected for the political parties represented in the County at the August Primary.

Filings for the committee people included Republicans John M. Robinson, III for Bellevue Township; Phyllis Hochstatter for Breton Township; Joshua Belfield for Breton Township; Mary Ann Pankhurst for Concord Township and Carl Pankhurst for Concord Township.

On the Democrat ticket, filings for Committee were Pam Blair for Breton Township and Ryan Weeks for Breton Township.

Filing for the county and state offices closed as of Tuesday, March 31st, 2020.

Some State offices were open for filing at the same time period and those filings were taken in the State Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri.

All filings taken in this time period are for the August Primary Election.

Voter registration closes for the August Primary voting date on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020.