The Washington County Commission has announced the receipt of 2.9 million dollars in CARES Act money from the federal government.

The money is being banked in a separate account by the County as it prepares to deal with the details that will surround the funds. The funds will be for Covid expenses only that were incurred after March 1st, 2020.

Meramec Regional Planning Commission is working with their associate counties (Washington County is included) to develop a plan and necessary paper work to track the funds, as they may be used, when money may be released later.

The funds will be for Coronavirus related expenses through the year and end release by December 31st, 2020.

Washington County will continue to work to find the best service for these funds and what will be approved for the public as things go forward. There are discussions right now in the Missouri legislature about accountability and how funds will be monitored. (See Rep. Chris Dinkins legislative post in this edition.)

The most important part of this fund may be the monitoring and record keeping, as requirements could change ‘mid stream’.

Money not used for Covid expenses will be returned to the federal government at the end of this process. Details still remain to be determined.