The 2020 Delinquent Land Tax Sale will be held starting at 10 A.M. Monday, August 24, 2020, at the East door of the Washington County Courthouse in Potosi. The third and final newspaper listing is this week, August 6th, 2020 in “The I-J”.

The Tax Sale Publication is printed in a reasonably new format as follows: 1st Property Key; 2nd Legal Owner Name; 3rd Offering; 4th Legal Description; 5th First year delinquent tax due; 6th Second year delinquent tax and pub fees due; 7th Third year delinquent tax and pub fees due.

The properties listed have at least two years delinquent taxes due.

Properties that are advertised for 1 or 2 years, the owners have 1 year to redeem the property. If this is the third year for back taxes on the property and the property is sold at sale, there is a 90 day redemption period before the purchaser will receive a Collector’s Deed.

If you are interested in bidding at the sale, you should research the parcels prior to the sale, County Collector Carla Zettler suggests.

Also there will be an additional cost of $54.00 for recording certificates from the sale.

In order to save on publication costs, the Tax Sale Notice has appeared identically the weeks of July 23th and 30th and August 6th. Consequently, some parcels listed may not be sold as the owners have paid their overdue taxes during preparation or publication of this legal notice.