by Kris Richards

Patriot Day, now marked annually as September 11th, is a distinct reminder to Americans of all ages at how quickly life can change.

Every year that passes, the discussion is ‘where were you’ or ‘I remember I was . . .’ in a quick reference to people who personally remember the day.

Our society now has a new generation that has been born after this devastating day. They have learned from the internet and movies, documentaries and first person stories.

It is another story for history class and to be learned instead of lived by the future generations of our young Americans.

There are few that can tell the stories of World War II, and, as time marches on, we are losing those Veterans that boldly served. Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan are all places that now ring true with our Veterans as we go forward in time.

The day of September 11th, 2001 changed the conception of the American people. We all felt safe, we did not consider terrorism as a problem in the United States. One day, really probably hours, changed the way we all thought.

Our resolve was true and strong, with the American spirit shining brightly across the United States. The deeds done on that infamous date brought Americans together and put everyone in the country on the same page. Flags flew, red - white & blue was everywhere, being displayed with pride.

This year as September 11th was observed and remembered, the nation is not even recognizable. It is amazing what two decades can do.

Let’s hope and pray that our citizens will remember not only the tragedies but the pride, the unity. Let’s pray that we can go back to the principles the founding fathers and mothers of this country laid out for us all.