The Varsity Trojans packed up their football gear and made the trek to Farmington on Friday, Sept. 4th, 2020. It was the second game of the young season for the Football Trojans after an opening win at home against the Owensville Dutchmen, 12-0.

The Farmington Knights were coming off a 30-14 win over the North County Raiders on Friday, Aug. 28th.

The Knights’ stadium was divided into standing and seating areas with the potential for social distancing in mind for the Friday night game with the Trojans.

The game started at 7 p.m. with Potosi winning the coin toss, called by P.H.S. Trojan Senior Captain #69 Amondre McCaul, and deferring to take the ball at the start of the second half.

The Knights started off running the football with limited success and had to punt to the Trojans at mid-field. Potosi got their first possession with 8:20 left in the first quarter. The Trojans started deep in their own end at the 14 yard line. Potosi ran then passed to get to their side of mid-field. Potosi had to punt, the ball back to Farmington. The Knights moved the ball again, this time going to the air. The Trojans secondary was prepared and #10 Blake Missey picked off a pass and it was Potosi ball again.

The Trojans took the ball down field pretty well and were within scoring territory quickly. #5 Quarterback Andrew Coleman connected with #10 Blake Missey for a 15 yard pickup and the football was on the 5 yard line.  #5 Coleman handed off to #25 Zane West who crossed the goal line in the middle of the offensive and defensive linemen. A ‘touchdown’ thought briefly but a fumble and the Knights covered the football.

The Knights got the football on the 20 yard line and the score was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter began like the first, with the Knights running the football on offense. The Trojan defense held tough in their end and on a fourth down the Knights converted a 27 yard field goal. The score was Farmington 3 and Potosi 0. The teams traded possessions after that and as the quarter wound down toward half time #43 Trojan Levi Courtney knocked the football out of a Knight running back’s hands and it was caught in the air by the Trojans’ #69 Amondre McCaul. Potosi moved the ball across the 50 yard line and were working on a score as time was running down. A Potosi fumble and a recovery kept the offense on the field. The Trojans took a shot at the end zone in the air, pass incomplete and on the final play of the half, #5 Andrew Coleman was forced to scramble and was tackled. The Trojans headed to the locker room behind, 3-0.

Potosi got the ball first to start the second half. The Trojans tried a mix of run and pass with some success. #26 Wade Mercille picked up some yardage and #5 Coleman again found #10 Missey. The Knights stopped the offensive drive and #36 Bryce Reed punted for the Trojans. Both teams were evenly matched and the score remained the same with offenses and defenses trading playing time. With 3:43 left in the third quarter, the Knights fumble a punt and the Trojans were on offense again in the Knight’s end of the field. Potosi worked on gaining yardage as the quarter ran down. At 1:42, #5 Andrew Coleman was sacked on a third down. The Trojans had fourth and long and #8 Blake ‘Booba’ Henson was called on to try a field goal. The kick was up and just wide, the score still 3-0, Knights. Time ran out on the third.

The fourth quarter, with the call of ‘FOUR’ on the Potosi sidelines, and Farmington had the football. The Knights were forced to punt and the kick was deep and the Trojans had the ball on their own 4 yard line. Farmington’s defense was wound up and stopped Potosi, forcing #36 Bryce Reed to kick from the back of his own end zone. After a returnable punt, the Knights were on the Trojans’ 25 yard line. Farmington proceeded to run over the Potosi defense and over the goal line for a touch down. The extra point was added, the score was Farmington 10 and Potosi 0.

The Trojans were back on offense and #5 Andrew Coleman was scrambling. Coleman picked up an important first on just at the 50 yard line with 2:48 left in the game.

With 1:55 on the clock, #5 Coleman connected with #1 Malachi Peppers for a good 33 yard gain. Potosi was within scoring range again.

Quarterback #5 Andrew Coleman tried to pass but couldn’t find a receiver so he again ran with the ball and was down to the 4 yard line. The Trojans were set for a ‘hurry up’ offense and they used their last time out with 1:28 left. Potosi had a first down and goal. The first try was short. The next was to the one foot line. The Trojans set up and #5 Andrew Coleman plunged over the goal line behind his line and Potosi was on the board. The extra point was up by #8 Blake ‘Booba’ Henson and bounced off the right upright and back into the field, no good.

To end the game, Potosi tried an onside kick but it was recovered by Farmington and that ended contest.

Knights 10 and Trojans 6. Potosi can look at this one as ‘one that got away’.