This past Friday, Sept. 11th, 2020 marked the 19th anniversary of the fateful attacks on American soil that changed the world. The Varsity Trojans were ready to play football at home, ‘Trojan Field’, hosting the Fredericktown Blackcats.

Those attending had been encouraged to wear red in honor of Ms. D – AshLee Demarinis – a junior high teacher who lost her battle with the COVID-19 virus. Red was Ms. D’s favorite color and September 11th was her birthday.

A brief ceremony was held before the start of the game, remembering Patriot Day and all those who lost their lives that day. Police, fire, ambulance and veterans were lined across the field as the country’s colors were posted and our national anthem rang through the air, played by the P.H.S. Marching Band.

A tribute to those who ran toward the emergencies and served their communities was read and a moment of silence was observed. A tribute for Ms. D was read and another moment of silence was observed. The Trojans walked onto the field carrying a sign that read “This One is for You Ms. D”.

The Blackcats won the coin toss and deferred to the second half so the Trojans got the football first. The offense taking the field for the opening possession looked different. The Trojans had several players missing from the sidelines due to exposure to the ‘virus’.

The Trojans started on their own 5 yard line after a bouncing kickoff was hard to corral. In at quarterback was #7 Blake Coleman for Potosi. A number of linemen and running backs were also  missing.

Potosi ran the football and set the tempo for the game moving the ball. An important first down was picked up by #9 Brayden Isgriggs on a long fourth down. A few minutes in #7 Blake Coleman found #15 Tristan Beck for another first down. Coleman followed up with a long pick up of 45 yards with a pass to #87 Gavin Portell. Potosi was deep in Fredericktown territory. A run and then a one yard pass into the endzone to #10 Blake Missey. Touchdown for the Trojans. The extra point kick  was good by #8 Blake ‘Booba’ Henson and the Trojans led 7-0 with 8:06 left in the first quarter.

The Trojans had their defense on the field for the first time. Potosi was ready for the Fredericktown offense. The Blackcats were punting and giving the ball back to the Trojans quickly.

The teams traded possessions with the Trojan defense playing well. Fredericktown  was going backwards and had to punt. Potosi couldn’t get the offense on track as the first quarter wound down and the Blackcats were back to receive a punt. The Trojans’ #36 Bryce Reed was back to punt and a big rush from the Blackcats caused the kick to be blocked. Fredericktown had the football on the Potosi 11 yard line.

The clock went to 0 and the second quarter began with the Blackcats on the Trojan 9 yard line. Potosi got tough and pushed Fredericktown backwards. On fourth down #36 Bryce Reed made a big tackle in the backfield and it was Potosi football on their own 20 yard line.

Potosi moved the ball, but fumbled at mid-field at 10:22 left in the half. The Trojan defense was again up to the task and #10 Blake Missey intercepted a Blackcat pass.

The Trojans didn’t wait long to strike with a 42 yard pass pickup from #7 Blake Coleman to #1 Malachi Peppers. Then Coleman went to #87 Gavin Portell again for 20 yards and another Trojan touchdown. The extra point was up and good with a kick by #8 Blake ‘Booba’ Henson and it was Potosi 14 and Fredericktown 0.

The teams traded possessions again and the Trojans controlled both sides of the football as time ran out for the half.

The P.H.S. Marching Band entertained the crowd as the teams regrouped for the third quarter.

Fredericktown started on offense with the ball deep in their own end. The Blackcats tried to work their way out of their own end with little success. #10 Blake Missey again came up with an interception and it was Potosi football on their own 24 yard line.

The Trojans moved the football and ran the clock. #8 Blake ‘Booba’ Henson picked up 15 yards. #9 Brayden Isgriggs had a good run gaining 9 yards. The Trojans went to the air and the Blackcats were called for pass interference. Another Potosi first down and the Trojans were again looking to score. #7 Blake Coleman completed a pass to #87 Gavin Portell for a 19 yard gain. The Trojans had a first down on the 10 yard line. #7 Blake Coleman found #1 Malachi Peppers for a completion and another Trojan touchdown. The extra point was no good and the scoreboard read Home 20 and Visitors 0.

The time was running down in the 3rd with the Blackcats running the football and the clock. Potosi had a stretch of penalties that benefitted the visitors. As the time ran out Fredericktown got a pass interference call and a new set of downs. The football was on the Potosi 20 yard line.

The fourth quarter was welcomed with the call of ‘4’ on the Trojan sideline. The Blackcats were threatening and three minutes in they finally found pay dirt. Fredericktown tried a two point conversion and it failed. The score was Potosi 20 and Fredericktown 6.

The Trojans ran with #23 Landon Cook out of the backfield. Cook had some good runs and a 33 yard gain. The time kept running and Potosi had control. The Trojans were faced with a 4th and 8 after an incomplete pass. #7 Blake Coleman went to #10 Blake Missey for a big first down, keeping the football.

At 4:55 left in the game, Coleman again found #1 Malachi Peppers for another touchdown for Potosi. The Trojans lined up for the extra point kick, faked the kick and #23 Landon Cook threw the ball into the endzone to #36 Bryce Reed for a two point conversion. Trojans 28 and Blackcats 6.

The Trojans were playing a prevent defense and the Blackcats moved the ball to the center of the field. Fredericktown continued to press and were soon looking at a 4th down and 4 yard play. The Blackcats went to the air and #1 Malachi Peppers dashed the last hopes for Fredericktown with an interception.

Peppers returned the ball to the 41 yard line and it was Trojan ball. #21 Gage Mosier ran the football for Potosi and closed out the game.

The Trojans rose to the occasion with several players missing. Time will tell as the school year goes forward and their schedule continues.

Go Trojans!