Trojan Football Opens Season Runs Away From Dutchmen 44-28 (8/30/2019) - The Independent-Journal: School News

Trojan Football Opens Season Runs Away From Dutchmen 44-28 (8/30/2019)

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Posted: Thursday, September 5, 2019 9:13 am

by Kris Richards

The Varsity Trojan Football Team traveled to Owensville to face the Dutchmen for their opener of the 2019 season on Friday, Aug. 30th.

The Trojans, like the Dutchmen, were rain soaked and soggy before the contest even started. Torrential rains had started in the late afternoon and continued through the evening. The game was delayed on start by about 15 minutes as organizers watch the weather.

The start of the game wasn’t bad weather wise and it was good for the Trojans. Owensville got the football first, but the Trojans defense stood tough at mid-field and got the ball for the offense.

The first play from scrimmage for the 2019 season and it was gone. #23 Kyle Miller, a Senior running back, took off down the right side of the field and didn’t slow down ‘til he got to the back of the endzone. Issac Gaghen, #1 and also a Senior, added the two point conversion and it was quickly Trojans 8 and Dutchmen 0.

Still in the first quarter, the Trojans again got a big run from #26, Junior Wade Mercille, as he raced for a 48 yard gain before being taken down by a Dutchmen defender. The football was deep in the Owensville end with #9 Junior Brayden Isgriggs picking up a good gain and making it first and goal. #26 Wade Mercille got the call and it was another touchdown for Potosi. #26 Mercille took the ball in for the two point conversion as well and it was Trojans 16 and Dutchmen 0.

Owensville did come back quickly as their quarterback laid out a nice pass, in the rain, to a deep receiver and scored quickly. It was 16-6 as Owensville failed to convert on their 2 point try.

As the first quarter wound down, #5 Junior Andrew Coleman, quarterback for Potosi, connected with #1 Isaac Gaghen for a 45 yard pass play that put Potosi again in threatening field position. Owensville toughened up at their own end and took the ball on downs.

In to the second quarter, the teams seemed to be getting some rhythm and play was slowing to a ground game in the rain. At 8:43 left, the football was loose at mid-field and #7 Josh Allen, a Senior, scooped the ball  up and was gone to the goal line with a 39 yard fumble return. Touchdown for the Trojans. #23 Kyle Miller added the extra point conversion for 2 and it was Trojans 24 and Dutchmen 6.

The Dutchmen didn’t give up. They mixed a play selection that put the Trojan defense on their heels a bit, with some runs and passes. As the clock wound down to half, Owensville pushed the football over the line and scored. Converting their 2 point attempt, the score was 24-14, Potosi as the teams headed to the locker room to dry out.

At half time, the steady rain became a pounding rain. The turf field was shining under the lights and the water was literally running off the field.

With 6:06 left in the third quarter, the Trojans #9 Brayden Isgriggs punched the football in from the 4 yard line. The 2 point attempt was denied and it was Potosi 30 and Owensville 14.

The Trojan defense was doing its job and the Dutchmen moved the ball through mid-field but couldn’t do much in Trojan territory.

#9 Brayden Isgriggs again got the call after making a good long yardage run, it was a 1 yard dive for another 6 points for Potosi. Owensville knocked down a 2 point conversion pass attempt and it was Potosi 36 an Owensville 14.

In the fourth quarter, the Dutchmen went to the air with some success. The Trojans gave up a touchdown pass and held on the 2 point try. The score was Potosi 36-Owensvill 20 with 8:19 left in the game.

Owensville lined up and captured an on-side kick and it was up to the Potosi defense to hold on. Hold on they did and the Trojans got the football back with 6:38 left in the contest. The Potosi coaching staff called the runs and kept the football on the ground and the clock running. Trojan #23 Kyle Miller broke a good run and had the ball on the Dutchmen 6 yard line. #1 Isaac Gaghen was in from there with a touchdown, but a flag cancelled the score and move the Trojans back away from the goal line. Kyle Miller, #23, got the call from their and was in for the score. This one was good. The 2 point conversion was stopped and the score was Potosi 44 and Owensville 20.

Time was winding down and the rain was actually stopping when the Dutchmen heaved a last gasp pass and connected over two Trojan defenders for a score. Their 2 point conversion was good and the score was Potosi 44 and Owensville 28.

The Dutchmen tried an on-side kick, covered this time by the Trojans. Potosi had the ball and just 41 seconds on the clock. The Trojans didn’t have to run a final play as the time ran down.

Congratulations to the Varsity Trojans on the opening win. It looks like Coach Haar has a good crew for the 2019 season. Let’s watch and cheer on the Trojans.

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