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"The Weekly Independent" began publication in 1872. Then in 1894 "The Potosi Journal" became its competition. Over the years in between other publications came and went, the longest term of these being "The Washington County News."

"The Weekly Independent" and "Potosi Journal" were merged in 1929 with the new consolidated name becoming "The Independent-Journal", owned and operated by H.C. and Wilson Bell Family.

Hugh Richards left school at age 16 in 1924 and became a "Printer's Devil" at "The Weekly Independent." He felt compelled to do so due to his family's financial situation.

In 1945 Hugh Richards and his brother-in-law, Lowell McFarland, bought "The I-J" from the Bell Family. With Hugh's untimely death in July of 1956 members of his family became owners of his nearly 50% share of the corporation. Office Clerk Edythe Bean was a minority shareholder.

In 1968 Neil Richards bought out his Uncle Lowell's share of the business and became the major stockholder with all the newspaper business then belonging to the Richards Family. The only change since that time was the death of Ruby E. Richards, who had been co-publisher since 1956. Her shares were purchased by Kristopher Hugh Richards with another generation of the family now represented in ownership. This group includes Pamela Carol Richards Webb, Kirkwood; Meredith Ann Richards Dunbar, Red Bluff, California and Jennifer Jean Richards Borcherding, Pacific, Mo.

The weekly newspaper business is mostly about the 'letter from home' concept and is a constant series of deadlines to be met regularly for one reason or another. Births, deaths, weddings, anniversaries, etc. along with local news are the core of weekly publications, but legal and commercial advertising provide the funds that keep it going on a weekly basis. The I-J also uses lots of pictures and photo essays.

"The Independent-Journal" will be celebrating its 140th Anniversary in 2012. The business has been located within a few feet of the same location on East High Street in Potosi since its founding.

"The I-J" offers business printing and mailing, Office Supplies, Wedding Invitations, Rubber Stamps, Color Copies and much more as well as weekly news and photos.

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