ONE YEAR AGO TODAY… “Now Past The Midway Point of June  The Cards Find Themselves Still in the Mix”

Before we even begin, let’s just reiterate once again how quickly the game of baseball can change. From the tone of my last article, the Cards had been contenting to plummet around the midway point in May. Then as we will see within this featured article, by the midway point of June things were completely different. Enjoy!

“Although a less-than-ideal image to picture, think about where the St. Louis Cardinals were by the middle of May. Let’s be real with ourselves: the month of may for the Red Birds was miserable. It was a month where nothing went right and the limited doses of positivity was even disappointing.

At the time, it felt like by the conclusion of that same month they would find themselves nearly 15 games back in their division. Now in June, they sit only 3.5 games back in the Central.

On their most recent road trip, they finished with a record of 5-5. When compared to the increasingly high expectations entering 2019, a .500 average appears lackluster. However when compared to the atrocious style of play by the team in May, 5-5 is something we all can accept. Coming home to begin an extended home stand, the Cardinals began with a game against the Miami Marlins on Monday night, June 17th. After the four game series against Miami, the Los Angeles Angels come to town, with the return of Albert Pujols looming.

How have the Red Birds remained within striking distance?

For the National League Central Division thus far in 2019, there has not been a team yet that truly stands out. Between the Cubs, Brewers, Reds and Pirates, all have had their share of struggles. With Christian Yelich leading charge offensively, the Brewers started the season with a surprisingly proficient starting rotation. Their pitching has since leveled out, and their bullpen showing glimpses of their struggles. The Cubs, placed per usual on a mainstream MLB Media Pedestal, have too had a tough go at times. Yu Darvish has proved one of the most disappointing pieces so far in the season. Especially when given the high price they coughed up for the “elite arm.” The Pirates are in a slump as of June 17th and the Reds have played much better baseball as of late. All in all my point is just this: The St. Louis Cardinals still have an ample amount of time to gain some ground. The Cards offense and starting pitching (as we have heard time after time), has the potential to be increasingly dangerous. Arguably, both of the subjects still have not emerged at the same time so far in 2019. When that does finally happen,  look out. As a team now, the focus for the Cardinals should be in their own production and performances. Contrary to the habit of some Major League Baseball Teams today, the focus shouldn’t be in worrying about the fortunes of other teams. Instead, STL HAS to remain focused; honed in on the ultimate prize of a World Series Championship.

For the Cards ultimately moving forward, somebody must take charge and spark the offense. Get the bats hot, and don’t look back.

If you’re the present St. Louis Cardinals ball club, you take the gift that has been a surprisingly reasonable distance within the top spot in the division. You take the gift and you run with it. When at last you look up from your marathon, you just might emerge among the top. True winners who only focused on improving day after day.”

As I stated, “somebody must take charge and spark the offense”, we would eventually see that was a mix of a few players. The ones that stood out however, were those such as Paul DeJong and Paul Goldschmidt. St. Louis did turn things around by the end of the season, as they would go on to make their first postseason appearance in a handful of seasons. Now hopefully baseball will be back soon! 49 short games? I don’t care. We just want baseball back.