ONE YEAR AGO TODAY… “Consistent Inconsistencies Highlight An Atrocious May Thus Far For the St. Louis Cardinals”

For this week’s featured article, we once again take a look back at last year’s atrocities during this time. Around the third week of May in 2019, nothing was going right for the St. Louis Cardinals. Inconsistencies highlighted play for weeks straight. Looking back however, we can tell by my tone and delivery that I personally did not view the Cards as going in the right direction to make the playoffs. As we would find out though, the Cards did indeed make the playoffs. That in itself is just proof furthermore that the game of baseball can be very unpredictable and turn on a dime. How exactly were the Red Birds doing one year ago today? Well… not too great. Enjoy!

“By nature, the way in which I write is based on an optimistic approach, more times than not. As I sit down at my computer two-thirds of the way through the month of May, the style of play that has been established by the Red Birds is horrendous even enough, to prevent myself from spewing words of encouragement. Let’s be real for just a moment: The St. Louis Cardinals have been nothing short of lost in general since the calendar flipped. Don’t get me wrong, STL had quite the month of April; winning at a consistent basis, and eventually learning to find their identity as it pertained to their offense. Now as I write this, it seems as though the Cards can do nothing right. Series after series ending in a loss. The Rangers series? The perception is exactly this–– it was the nail in the coffin.

To an outsider, the ways in which the Cardinals have lost might seem typical this early in the regular season. However with the overall potential that St. Louis knows and longs for, it is truly unacceptable. After the trade for Paul Goldschmidt and the addition of a proven bullpen arm, the hope was again restored. Now as the starting rotation continues to struggle and the bullpen showing limited glimpses of dominance, the faith is dwindling. Let it be known, I have absolutely not counted this team out. But what I have aimed to do, is expose the faults and holes that a potential playoff-caliber roster expresses early in the season. The bottom line is just this: I call it as I see it. In a rational manner. The fact is just this: The St. Louis Cardinals are seriously struggling as of late. It is time to turn things around, before it is too late.  

Baseball can be a cruel sport. That much we know is true. This stretch is not only cruel, but it is every miserable and negative adjective imaginable; on repeat for the world to witness.

Early in the season (as well as during the off season), a large amount of expressive optimism surrounded the new member of the coaching staff, hitting coach Jeff Albert. While as I said earlier we have witnessed glimpses of a dominant and superior offense, we still yet have settled in consistently.

I think as fans we can all agree that so far in the month of May things have been quite peculiar. The Red Birds are losing most of their games yet, but the games they are winning are by landslides.

• Very few save opportunities.

• Close games that of which STL is on the wrong side of.

• High strikeout totals at times.

• High starter ERA.

––Who am I kidding? It has been a disappointing season thus far; simply put.

So why is that?

The answer in my opinion, revolves around the fact that we as fans began with such a high expectation for the 2019 season. As mentioned earlier with the offseason additions, the assumption was that the team with click right away and on all cylinders. Now as the truth has been exposed that the St. Louis Cardinals are indeed not perfect (and victims of the cruel sport called baseball), the fanbase is clamoring and rioting over the extended rough stretch.

There are four whole months remaining of Major League Baseball regular season play. Sure in the end the Cards will probably be fine. However as of this very moment in time, this is a difficult time if you are a member of the ball club.

It’s time to step back, accept and acknowledge the failures, and fix them once and for all. Do so, or kiss any playoff hopes goodbye.”

Ahh, the game of baseball– it seems now as only a memory. The ideas that have been thrown around recently surrounding MLB range from play in Arizona, to a shortened season and even re-organized divisions. Regardless of what happens, I simply want baseball yet again. LET’S PLAY BALL SOON!