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Trojans Over Dragons, 20-14 Potosi Hosts Perryville This Friday First Round of H.S. Playoff Football

Posted: Friday, November 1, 2019 3:17 pm

The Potosi Trojans hosted the DeSoto Dragons on a cold and dreary night at Trojan Field this past Friday, Oct. 25th. Potosi was looking for a win to secure the home field advantage in the first round of the football playoffs.

The Trojans won the coin toss and deferred to get the football at the start of the second half of play. Potosi was ready to play after celebrating “Senior Night” and recognizing the Senior class members of football, cheerleading and marching band.

The Trojans owned the first quarter, moving the football against the Dragons, but never getting the break to get in the endzone. The Dragons only had the football once during the first twelve minutes of play. Their offense was three plays and a punt.

As the first quarter ended, the Trojans were threatening to put points on the board with the football on the Dragon 3 yard line.

The first play from scrimmage in the second quarter, #5 quarterback Andrew Coleman kept the football and was in for the touchdown. #8 Blake Henson added the extra point kick and it was Trojans 7 and Dragons 0.

While the Potosi team was controlling the football and their defense was keeping DeSoto on their heels, the Trojans again controlled the football for most of the 2nd quarter.

As the clock wound down to half, the Dragons changed their offense a little, throwing the football for a couple of completions and some ground gain. With 1:10 left in the 2nd, the Dragons quarterback connected with a receiver over the middle and he was in the endzone. The Dragons added their own extra point kick and it was Potosi 7 and DeSoto 7.

The Trojan Marching Band played their half time performance, a good practice as they were headed to Pinckneyville the next day for competition.

The Trojans got the ball to start the second half, and again, they controlled the tempo and kept the Dragons on their heels as they backed them toward their own goal line.

At 5:25 left in the 3rd quarter, #26 “Big Wade” Mercille rambled into the endzone, taking a Dragon or two with him at it was another score for the Trojans. #8 Blake Henson kicked the football through the uprights and it was Potosi 14 and DeSoto 7.

Desoto wasn’t wasting time this time. They quickly moved the ball with some passing and it was again, over the goal line for a score. Add the extra point and it was knotted up once again, Potosi 14 and DeSoto 14 with 3:33 left in the 3rd quarter.

The Trojans were playing keep away and the offense was on the field as the 3rd quarter became the 4th quarter. Potosi decided to try a pass of their own, and it was #5 Andrew Coleman to #28 Devin Marler for a 45 yard touchdown play. The teams lined up for the kick by #8 Blake Henson, and it was blocked by a Dragon. Potosi 20 and DeSoto 14. That extra point could be big before the game is over was the thought on the Potosi sideline.

The Trojans defense had the Dragons’ number most all night. The Trojans would stop the Dragons on their next possession. Another DeSoto punt.

Potosi was running the football and keeping the clock running too. With 8:03 left Potosi made a good play on a third and long that would give the a first down, at the end of the play the football was out and the Dragons were yelling it was their football. Part of the referees called the play dead, saying the ball came out after the play and it was Potosi’s football. A lengthy discussion took place among the officials, and the decision, a do over. The ball was spotted back at the prior yard marker and we’re playing that one over. Both sides of the field couldn’t believe it. No first down, no fumble, it just didn’t happen.

Potosi had to line up again and try to gain the first down another time. This time, #5 Coleman went to the air with a pass and it was picked off. Interception for DeSoto and the Dragons were still alive.

The Trojan defense was having none of that, and the Dragons were due to punt again quickly. Potosi again was going to run the football and the clock, five minutes down to four minutes. A personal foul on Potosi at 4:08 left and the Trojans were again looking at long yardage. With 3:38 left in the game, #8 Blake Henson was called on to punt for Potosi. He kicked the ball from mid-field and it rolled and rolled and was downed on the DeSoto 2 yard line. The Dragons had 98 yards to go and there was just 3 minutes left.

The excitement and the tension were building and the stands were alive with hoots and cheers on both sides of Trojan Field. What seemed to happen in a flash, DeSoto was on the Potosi 29 yard line with 1:40 to go. The Dragons knew they had to throw the football, being the only chance to stop the running clock. At 1:10 left, it was an incomplete pass for DeSoto. At 1:04 it was a 4th down for the Dragons. DeSoto got a first, there were 53 seconds left, the quarterback spiked the football  to stop the clock. With 45 seconds left, the rush was on by the Trojan defense and the Dragon quarterback was scrambling to stay free and launch the football. Launch he did, a long throw across the field and it was up for grabs.

#16 Corey Pinson jumped in front of a Dragon receiver and that was it, interception for Potosi. The Trojans had the football and 33 seconds on the clock. A snap to start the clock running and it was over. A well earned win for the Trojans.

20-14 the final and a great end to Senior Night at Trojan Field.

Potosi will host the Perryville Pirates at 7 p.m. this Friday, Nov. 1st at  Trojan Field. It is the first round of the Class 3 District Playoffs.

The winning team will face either Kennett or Doniphan, the other side of the first round bracket.

Go Trojans!