Don’t Forget Set Clocks Back

November 04, 2022

Residents will regain the hour lost last Spring as the Standard of time swings back the first Sunday in November from Daylight Savings Time to Central Standard Time.

In 2007, Daylight Savings Time was changed to begin three weeks earlier in the Spring and continue one week later in the Fall.

Discussion has been to drop the time change nationally, but it hasn’t happened yet . . . so we change again.

The time will revert at 2 A.M. Sun., Nov. 6th (first Sunday in November).

It is suggested that in order to be sure you get up at the right time Sunday morning set your clock back an hour before going to bed Saturday evening. REMEMBER: Spring Forward, Fall Back!

Now instead of going to work in the dark, you’ll be going home in the dark - we’re not sure whether that’s an improvement or not but it’ll be darkness at both ends of the work day for a while soon.

Now we can start looking forward to Spring - and the next time change!