Women’s Connection November Brunch

November 08, 2023
Hal and Beth Walker of Bella Vista, Arkansas, Hal and Beth Walker of Bella Vista, Arkansas,

The next Women's Connection Brunch will be held from 9:15 to 11 a.m. Tuesday November 14th in the fellowship hall of Farmington Presbyterian Church, located at the intersection of Columbia and Cayce Streets. Reservations are due by November 10th.

November's guest speakers, Hal and Beth Walker of Bella Vista, Arkansas, will share their incredible story of unconditional love and God's faithfulness. Their story begins in 1994, when Beth awoke from a two-week long coma brought on by viral encephalitis, only to find she had virtually no long-term memory and little short-term memory. Doctors explained that parts of her brain had been destroyed. Standing by her bedside was a man she didn't recognize. She didn't know she was married, nor that she had a child. She didn't recognize anyone... she didn't even know who Beth Walker was.

The Walkers will take you on the ensuing unbelievable journey of struggles and victories that began almost 30 years ago, and continues even today. One noteworthy step on that journey took place on August 21st, 1997 (their 15th wedding anniversary) when Hal remarried the woman he called his "second wife", and their 5-year-old daughter was the ring bearer!

Come be inspired and awed by the story of the woman who "didn't know she was married", and their duet story of "second time around".

November's Special Feature, Ashley Harrison, is a dynamic individual who wears many hats in her community. She is the owner and founder of the Giving Tree Boutique in Desloge. This boutique represents shopping with a purpose, curating a unique inventory that supports various not-for-profit causes.

Ashley is also a dedicated member of the Empower Women Create organization, the Joy Team for Small Hinges ministry, and an active member of the Desloge Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Ashley and her husband serve as pastors of Purpose Church in Farmington. But as a wife and mother of two, family remains at the core of Ashley's heart and her highest calling. Through it all, Ashley embodies the values of family, service, compassion and community.

Ashley will be showcasing a sampling of items from the Giving Tree Boutique, offering attendees an opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping following the meeting!

Please make reservations and cancellations for the brunch by Friday November 10th. Call Barb at 573-747-3854 or Sandy at 573-518-4647.