December 30, 2020

Several law enforcement officers were on hand at the Potosi City Park on Monday, Dec. 21st, 2020 to spread good cheer and gifts to children from the community. The ‘Cops For Kids’ Program took a different turn this year, as Deputies, Officers and Troopers went shopping with lists and suggestions instead of the children. The ‘virus’ again the concern for all involved and caution the big consideration, the officers gathered at the Potosi City Park with their gifts delivered in ‘drive-thru’ style. City Police Officer Lauren Adams said the group gave presents to 110 children during the evening. The law enforcement group holds fund raising events throughout the year to benefit the annual program. The group here represents the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, the Potosi Police Department and area Missouri State Highway Patrol officers. The volunteers had fun with Santa and his helpers (looks like good and bad) on hand for the kids.